One of the most common problems that people face with their antivirus is the antivirus blocking camera issue. Yes, this is not an unusual problem that you are facing. Usually, this happens when your reinstall or update system software. Or, some other program is interfering with the normal functioning of the webcam. Well, if you see the Avast blocking camera issue, you have come to the right place. So, try the following solutions present here. Surely, one of them will help you to resolve this problem without much work.

The general way to fix this issue

First, let’s look at the method normally used to solve the Avast blocking camera problem. Here, you can fix it by temporarily disabling your antivirus software. Then, try to use your webcam. Now, if the webcam works without any problems, everything is fine. It was your antivirus that was blocking your webcam. Otherwise, use the following advanced solutions to solve the Avast antivirus blocking camera problem.

Avast using all CPU How to fix it

Solution 1 for Avast blocking camera problem

If you are searching ‘is Avast blocking my camera’, then your search ends here. After all, many found this solution to work for them. Surely, it will also work for you. First, open the Avast program. Next, click the basic settings present on the left panel. Now, click the troubleshooting option to fix this problem. After that, go to the web section. Here, you need to select the ignored addresses field option. Finally, register your Avast webcam IP address here. And, now you are all set to use your webcam without any issues. Yes, this is a simple and effective way to handle the Avast blocking camera problem.

Solution 2 for Avast blocking camera problem

If solution 1 didn’t work for you, then this will do the trick. One of the reasons why you are still facing this problem may be due to the webcam shield. So, this solution focuses on that. First, open the Avast user interface. Next, go to the webcam shield and open the privacy settings. Here, you need to disable the specification. Now, click the green-colored slider to enable it. This way, you can make the changes. And, when you finish the task, turn it off by clicking the red symbol. Well, if solution 1 was not good, this will definitely help you to fix the Avast blocking camera issue.

Solution 3 for Avast blocking camera problem

Well, don’t worry if solution 1 and solution 2 didn’t work for you. Now, this is a far more advanced solution than those two types. In simple terms, you will adjust the Avast webcam shield in this method. Certainly, this method will resolve the issue in no time. First, go to the Avast user interface on your computer. Next, click the privacy option present in the interface. Here, you will see the webcam shield option. When you click it, you will get 3 different types of options. By adjusting your webcam shield using these, you can fix the Avast blocking camera problem in a few minutes. The options for the adjustment you get are:

  • The smart option

Well, this allows you to have control over what uses your webcam. Yes, you can pick the applications that can automatically use your webcam. Of course, if an untrusted or questionable application wants to use your webcam, you will get a message. Suppose, you want to use the application, you can enable its access manually. Now, try to do the Avast webcam test to see whether it works or not. Otherwise, try out the other methods.

  • The strict option

The Avast webcam shield allows you to have stricter control over the applications that want to use your webcam. Each time you use the application, you can choose to allow access to the webcam using this option. Suppose, you don’t want to use the webcam, you can block it. Also, you can view its status from the webcam shield settings. Furthermore, you get to use additional settings with this amazing option.

  • The no mercy option

Well, use this option as a last resort to solve the antivirus blocking camera problem. As the name suggests, this one does not show any mercy to all unknown applications. In fact, it completely blocks all unknown applications from accessing your webcam present on your device. Yes, it will automatically block everything.

Solution 4 for Avast blocking camera problem

Well, this is like a continuation of solution 3. Surely, you can handle this problem by managing allowed and blocked applications on your computer. When using this method, make sure that the webcam shield option is present in either the strict or smart option. Once you make sure of that, try using the applications that you want to use. Now, you will get a message asking for your permission. You can either allow or deny access from the dialogue box that appears on the screens. Then, take up the Avast webcam test to see whether everything is fine.

Next, you should do the troubleshooting procedure using the Avast user interface. After all, you can easily solve the Avast blocking camera problem here. On this page, click the webcam shield and then click the privacy option. Here, you will see a gear symbol on the right side of the webcam shield screen. Now, if you want to control the applications present here, just click the arrow present facing downwards in the window.

Later, you can go back and change the status of the application to either allow or block it. On the other hand, if you want to remove it, just press the X symbol present near the application.

The bottom line

Hope this helps you to stop your search for ‘is Avast blocking my camera’. Surely, one of the above methods will help you to solve the Avast blocking camera issue. Suppose, if none of them works, there’s a high chance for the webcam to be defective. So, if the problem still persists, hire a professional to help you out.

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