Att TV remote not working is a serious concern for many. Today, the att TV is entertaining with its channels and TV shows. When the remote is not working you may miss out on crucial football matches or TV shows. 

Further, due to this, many are searching for quick fixes to try at home when att TV remote not workingLet us see the possible reasons why your remote is not working. By finding the cause you can fix the problem effortlessly. 

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The possible causes for att TV remote not working

  1. The signal interference issue 

Signal problems are common issues in TV remotes. Signal interference can happen in any TV remote. Att TV remote not working there is a possibility of signal issues. Your TV can respond slowly or in some cases, it may not work. If you face these problems then wait for a few hours. 

Furthermore, this problem can settle within a few hours if the signal is renewed. You can try to find if there is any object that is stopping your TV from receiving signals. Also, try to use the remote a bit near the TV. Using the remote from very far can cause signal issues in your TV. 

2. The battery issue 

Att remote not working suddenly may be due to a low battery. Att remote does not work when the battery does not shine brightly. In some cases, there is a need to replace your battery to solve the problem. 

Also, even after changing the battery, your remote may not work. Using an AAA battery will solve this issue for you. Replacing your remote batteries with compatible ones will help to solve the problem. 

3. Check cable 

Problems in the video cables can cause the att remote not working issue. The cable in your gateway, TV, and receiver may have cable issues. In this case, the remote may not work properly. You need to check the cables that it is compatible with the TV. 

4. Restart the receiver 

In many att remote not working restart is quick solutions. If you face such att remote not working issue you can restart the system. Press and hold the power button for a few seconds to restart the device. Moreover, the restart will take about 8 minutes on your TV. After this, you can see that your remote will work fine. 

5. Placing the remote 

The att TV remote plays an important part to send signals to the TV. If the remote is not working then there are lots of reasons behind it. However, the first step you need to check if the remote is working is by placing it rightly. Directly point the remote at your att TV. 

The fixes you need to try when att remote not working

  1. How to reset att TV remote is the question many have when it is not working. There are steps to seamlessly reset the TV remote. 
  2. The first step is to press the AT&T and also the okay button at the same time. 
  3. After pressing these buttons simultaneously you can see mode keys flashing in the remote. This indicates that you are now in the programming mode of the remote. 
  4. The next step is to enter the programming code with your remote. You can enter 900 and the remote will start to flash again. This is a process the remote checks whether the code is correct or not. Further, if the code you entered is correct then the reset process is automatic. After this, the remote will reset into its default settings. 
  5. These are the reset steps to follow in ATT S10 silver remote. It is a step that can work effectively for this ATT TV remote type. If you have other remote models then follow you can follow the below instructions. 

How to reset att TV remote S20 and S30 

The first step is to press the menu and okay key at the same time. 

After releasing the buttons you can see that the remote goes into programming mode. When the lights in remote flashes you can make changes in the settings. 

Now the next step is to enter the programming code in the TV. You can enter 981 codes for this purpose. After this, you can see the remote power button flashing four times. This light flashes in remote only when the code is correct. After this, you can reset your remote settings. Factory reset settings are effective ways to solve the remote not working issue. 

The steps for att TV remote pairing

Att TV remote not working then there may be problems with pairing issues. Att TV remote, not pairing can happen to any user. If your face this issue there are steps to disconnect and pair your TV remote again. Let us see a few steps to disconnect your TV remote. 

  1. The first step is to press the down dash “–“button or diamond button on your remote. You need to press these buttons before the LED blue light blinks in the remote. 
  2. The next step is to click the red button and your att TV remote and press it again. Also, you can replug your TV at this time. 
  3. These are the steps you can follow when att TV remote not workingThese steps will help to disconnect your remote. 
  4. The next step is to pair your att TV remote to your system. 
  5. Steps to follow when att TV remote pairings are as follows 
  6. The first step is to use the att remote and point at the TV. 
  7. The next step is to press the fast forward button for the next 2 to 3 seconds. Also, use the fast forward and rewind button at the same time. This will pair your att TV with a remote. You can now use your remote effortlessly. 

These are some of the ways to make your att TV remote work again. These are effective fixes you can try at home. They are reliable fixes that will solve the problem instantly. 

FAQ: Att tv remote not working

How to reprogram the att TV remote? 

You need to press help-information and remote control setup. This setting will help to reprogram your TV. 

Why is my att TV remote not working? 

Low battery is a crucial reason for your att TV remote not working. 

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