The ASUS K55ADH51 15.6 laptop with an aluminum frame and is available in a mocha finish with good Asus k55a specs. Similarly, Asus k55a laptop is having a sleek wedge-shaped design with a textured finish. In addition, it has a 16: 9 aspect ratio and resolution of 1366 x 768, powered by integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000. Similarly, the screen also has a gloss finish for vivid colors.

The system has an Ivy Bridge dual-core 2.6 GHz heavy-speed Intel Core i5 3230M processor. Similarly, the RAM is 8 GB DDR3 RAM and Asus k55a hard drive specs of 750 GB 5400 rpm hard drive. The laptop also provides a Super Multi DVD burner, 2-in-1 media cards, 10/100/1000 Mbps Gigabit Ethernet, WiFi 802.11b / g / n, microphone Bluetooth 4.0, integrated webcam, and Bluetooth 4.0. Altec Lansing stereo speakers are also integrated and the OS of Windows 8 (64-bit) is the built OS. 

Asus k55a specs: About ASUS Corp

  • ASUSTek Computer Inc is a Beitou District, Taipei, Taiwan-based multinational company of computer, electronic equipment, and telephones.
  • The various products of Asus k55a specs are the following: –
  • Firstly, desktops.
  • Secondly, laptops.
  • Thirdly, netbooks.
  • Fourth, cell phones.
  • Fifth, network equipment.
  • Sixth, monitors.
  • Seventh, Wi-Fi routers.
  • Eighth, projectors.
  • Ninth, motherboards.
  • Tenth, graphics cards.
  • Eleventh, optical storage.
  • Twelfth, multimedia.
  • Thirteenth, peripherals.
  • Fourteenth, portable devices.
  • Fifteenth, servers.
  • Sixteenth, workstations.
  • Seventeenth and finally, tablet PCs.
  • Similarly, the Asus 15g29n005501 company is also an original equipment manufacturer (OEM).
  • In 2021, Asus is the world’s fifth-largest PC maker by units sold.
  • ASUS was ranking first in the computer hardware category of the 2008 survey of Taiwan’s top 10 global brands.
  • Similarly, ASUS is having a total brand value of $ 1.3 billion.
  • In addition, the Taiwan Stock Exchange has a primary listing of ASUS with the ticker code 2357.
  • Also, it has a secondary listing on the London Stock Exchange with the ticker code ASKD.

Asus k55a specs and key features

The Asus k55a specs are the following: –

  • Firstly, Performance.

  • First, Processor – Intel Core i5 3210M 2.6 GHz.
  • Second, GPU – Intel HD Graphics 4000.
  • Secondly, Display.

  • First, Size – 15.6″ HD.
  • Second, Resolution – 1366×768 pixels.
  • Third and finally, Finish – Glossy.
  • Thirdly, Drives.

  • Firstly, Optical Drive – Super Multi DVD Burner.
  • Fourth, Input or Output connectors.

  • Firstly, Ports – 2 x USB 3.1 Gen and 1 x USB 2.0.
  • Secondly, Display – 1 x HDMI and 1 x VGA
  • Thirdly, Audio – Integrated Microphone, 1 x 1/8″ / 3.5 mm Headphone Output and 1 x 1/8″ / 3.5 mm Microphone Input
  • Fourth and finally, Media card Slots – SD and MMC
  • Fifth, Communications.

  • Firstly, Network – 10/100/1000 Mb/s Gigabit Ethernet (RJ45)
  • Secondly, Wi-Fi – Wi-Fi 4 (802.11n)
  • Thirdly, Bluetooth – Bluetooth 4.0
  • Fourth, NFC – Not available
  • Fifth and finally, Webcam – User-Facing and without shutter.
  • Sixth, General.

  • Firstly, Security – Kensington Lock Slot
  • Secondly, Keyboard – Standard Notebook Keyboard (not backlit)
  • Thirdly, Pointing Device – TouchPad
  • Fourth, Dimension (L x W x H) – 14.9 x 1.5 x 9.9″ / 37.8 x 3.8 x 25.1 cm
  • Fifth, Weight – 5.51 Lb / 2.50 Kg
  • Sixth and finally, Battery Life – Approx 4 hours
  • Seventh, Packaging Info

  • First, Box Dimensions (L x W x H) – 16.6 x 11.6 x 3.5″
  • Second, Warranty card – 01 Year warranty card inside the box and can register after first switching on.
  • Third, Charger – 45 Watt AC to DC adapter inside the box.

Pros and cons of The Asus k55a specs

The pros and cons of Asus k55a specs are the following: –

  • Firstly, Pros of Asus 15g29n005501.
  • First, Fast i5 processor.
  • Second, USB 3.0 connectivity.
  • Third, About 4 hours of real-world battery life.
  • Fourth and finally, 8 GB of RAM


  • Secondly, Cons of Asus 15g29n005501
  • First, Among the lower resolution screens available.
  • Second, RAM is not upgradeable.
  • Third and finally, only 3 USB ports.

Performance of Asus k55a specs

  • Equally important, the Asus laptop k55a (Mocha) is a 15.6-inch laptop from a 3rd generation i5 processor and is having 8GB RAM.
  • As a result, multitasking programs can be easily run in this Asus k55a hard drive specs.
  • That means one can run the web browser, Microsoft Office, and Adobe Photoshop in a single working time.
  • Nowadays the normal configuration norm for PCs is 4 GB RAM.
  • Hence Asus k55a i5 specs 8 GB RAM will continue to lead the way in performance for at least the coming 5 years.
  • This kind of future-proofing provides the Asus k55a i5 specs gives an extra remarkable value.
  • That means, at least for 5 years no need of changing the PC for a performance problem.

Portability of Asus k55alaptop

  • The 3 and 4 hours of battery life from the ASUS K55ADS51 under normal use is exemplary.
  • Similarly, this period may be enough for most of the people with situations away from a power outlet for a long time.
  • In addition, the weight of the PC is also less compared to an average computer of this size that includes a DVD drive.

Connectivity and price of Asus k55a specs laptop

  • Equally important, the laptop has all the ports necessary for connecting to networks and other peripherals at such a low Asus k55a price.
  • However, different from most of the notebooks Asus k55a price is much lower and allows access to both wireless and wired networks.

Summing Up

The user reviews suggest that this Asus k55a specs notebook fits almost all kinds of users. However, the name ASUS is famous for its solid build quality and ability to offer top-notch components at affordable Asus k55a price. Such a laptop at a low cost with i5 processors and 8GB RAM is difficult to find. 

So, if those are featuring that appeal to you, never think twice to buy this notebook.

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