Buying a computer with all the right specifications is not an easy job. Similar to that, buying the best motherboard for AMD FX 9590 is not easy again. Thus, you should have some knowledge to buy the AMD FX 9590 motherboards

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So what is AMD FX 9590? It is one of the best CPU processors that most experts suggest going for. It comes with a maximum boost clock speed of up to 5.0 GHz. Such a clock speed is really impressive and serves as the best processor to meet your gaming needs.

For the best performance of the FX 9590 processor, you need the best motherboard for FX 9590. A motherboard is the crucial component of the PC that provides high-end performance for processors. But not all processors can use the same motherboard. Each processor supports a certain motherboard and works best with it. Likewise, there are several AMD FX 9590 motherboards available in the market from which you need to choose the right one.

Best Motherboards for AMD FX-9590 Compatible :

ASUS Crosshair V Formula-Z Decent Motherboard:

One of the best AMD FX 9590 motherboards that are best for Overclocking is ASUS Crosshair. With its durable construction, it powers up the performance as well as boosts the processing speed. You can use this motherboard even on heavy applications.

It comes with several key features and supports Windows 8. With its Intel Gigabit LAN feature, it enables a reliable and superfast connection. In the market, this motherboard has got the best selling rank, and thus, this is the right AMD FX 9590 compatible the motherboard.

Features: AMD FX 9590 motherboards

  1. Engine Digi+ II technology
  2. Compatible with processors like AMD FX, AMD Phenom, and AMD Athlon
  3. Comes with AMD Socket AM3
  4. Fastest Network Connectivity support with Gigabit LAN feature
  5. Fast booting capacity


  • Reasonable price
  • UEFI Overclocking tuning feature


  • Problems may arise with the USB
  • Overheating problems in Vcore 1 and 2

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Asus vs Msi motherboard

ASRock MAD 990FX Extreme 9 Dual AMD FX CPU Motherboard:

Coming to this FX 9590 motherboard, it is the best in terms of quality and RAM size. It comes with a 64 GB RAM size which is the best feature. Then, coming to its memory speed, it is around 1333 MHz.

The motherboard supports all the AM3+ 8-core CPUs. To interact with the peripheral devices, it comes with Audio I/O jacks and 1x RJ45 LAN Port. Additionally, it comes with 8 x USB 3.0 ports, which are responsive and work to deliver the best output.

Furthermore, this motherboard is an ATX Form Factor motherboard and thus, it comes as one of the best AMD FX 9590 motherboards

Features: AMD FX 9590 motherboards

  1. Comes with SLI technology and 3-way CrossFire technology
  2. DDR3 RAM
  3. Compatible with AMD and Intel
  4. ATX Form Factor


  • Provides faster installation speed
  • Best for Overclocking 
  • Nice chipset


  • USB driver issue
  • Gets heat faster


ASUS Sabertooth 990FX Motherboard:

ASUS Sabertooth is the second choice of the motherboard from ASUS brand for AMD FX processor. If you are looking for the best AMD FX 9590 motherboards that provide the tough and sturdy built style, then you can go with this option.

It comes as user-friendly gear with military standard components such as TUF capacitors, MOSFETs, and chokes. So, one can lean on its components and performance.

Moreover, ASUS features the AMD 990FX / SB950 chipset and the socket that supports Athlon, Phenom, Sempron 100 series, and AMD processors.

Features: AMD FX 9590 motherboards

  1. Thermal detection
  2. TUF Thermal Radar
  3. LANGuard helps for smooth network connection
  4. User-friendly UEFI BIOS
  5. AM4 socket for the third-generation AMD Ryzen gaming processor


  • Fast booting
  • Ceramic-coating technology prevents heating issues of components
  • Faster access to BIOS 


  • Very slow SSD writing speed 
  • Options will vary when you consider the manual


Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 Motherboard:

If you are looking for AMD FX 9590 supported motherboards, then you should consider the motherboards by Gigabyte. It is known for its best performance with top-quality components used in it. If you are considering the durability feature in the motherboard to buy, then Gigabyte comes as one of the best boards.

It features DDR3 RAM along with a storage capacity of 32 GB. With its storage capacity itself, this motherboard comes as one of the best AMD FX 9590 motherboards.

Furthermore, there are some expansion slots available. They are

  • 2x PCI Express x16 slots
  • 1x PCI Express x4 slots
  • 2x PCI Express x1 slots
  • 1x PCI slots

Features: AMD FX 9590 motherboards

  1. Comes with the 3x USB power
  2. Supports AMD FX, Athlon, AM3, AM3+ processors


  • Provides you high speed
  • Works effectively even under heavy work use conditions


  • LAN working issues
  • Doesn’t work with Crucial 8 GB Chips

ASRock Motherboard FATAL1TY 990FX:

If you are looking at what motherboards support AMD FX 9590 processors, then you should consider ASRock as one of your choices. It provides outclass performance with its durable design and build quality.

Coming to the slots that you get in this AMD FX 9590 motherboard, it is awesome and designed by keeping professionals in mind. Furthermore, the motherboard includes

  • 3x PCI-Express 2.0 x16 Slots
  • 2x PCI-Express 2.0 x1 Slots

Then, for having wonderful network connectivity, it uses the Series PCI-Express x1 Gigabit Ethernet Controller, which is Qualcomm Atheros KillerTM E2200 Series. With these features, it comes as one of the best AMD FX 9590 motherboards.

Features: AMD FX 9590 motherboards

  1. Comes with Series PCI-Express x1 Gigabit Ethernet Controller
  2. Quad SL and Quad Crossfire
  3. Vertical USB3 that uses an onboard connection


  • Affordable price
  • Excellent slot and ports
  • Super UEFI BIOS


  • Resetting CMOS is essential for BIOS functions


Conclusion: AMD FX 9590 motherboards

So, these were some of the best AMD FX 9590 motherboards that are compatible with AMD FX 9590 processors. In addition to these motherboards, you can also consider other models for buying. They are M5A99FX PRO R2.0, MSI MAG B550 TOMAHAWK Gaming Motherboard, and ASUS ROG Strix B450-F 9590 Motherboard. These products work compatible with the high-end processor, AMD FX 9590.

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