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Amd 8350 vs ryzen Best For you Gaming


CPU that could be right for you amd 8350 vs ryzen

 To begin with, let us consider what the most important components of a personal computer are. It is quite simple. The monitor, central processing unit (CPU), SSD, or HDD. However, in the modern era, gaming and watching videos have become the norm. Therefore, the graphics processing unit or GPU is also important. The other main components are the motherboard and the RAM.

As you know, RAM is a volatile memory. It is good to take the guidance of experts to build your PC. However, it does pay if you are aware of different types of processing units and their features. In this light, you cannot ignore the comparison of amdfx8350 vs ryzen.

The amd8350 vs ryzen

The above-mentioned are indeed the most popular CPUs in the market. However, there are subtle differences between them. Let’s consider the features of these two. Then we will consider which is better and why?

About AMD 8350 Processor

 Let us consider the special features of the AMD 8350 processor. Then we can go ahead with the fx8350 VS ryzen matter. The AMD Fx 8350 is ideal for use on a personal computer. You should use this option if your system is slow or lagging. It is a high-quality processor, and you will experience a boost in the performance of the system. It will also help use the 3D apps with ease.

 Few more facts about AMD 8359 processor

  • It is a quad module processor with an octa-core. The action mechanism of this processor is completely different from that of Intel.
  • It offers only single-threaded performance. This is slowly diminishing in modern times, but still, it is a great performer if you are satisfied with single-thread performance.
  • The processor is cheaper than intel.
  • You will notice that all games run without lag in this processor. Therefore, it is great for game lovers.
  • However, it is advisable to use an AMD fx 8359 processor with a good cooler in place.

 About ryzen processor

 This is again a brand of the microprocessor from AMD. They design and market it, and this is exactly why people consider AMD 8350 vs ryzen. Advanced Micro Devices or AMD designed it based on Zen microarchitecture. The desktop APUs were introduced with Radeon Vega graphics, and the codename for the same is Raven Ridge. You now have Ryzen 5000 G Desktop processors.

The AMD 8350 vs ryzen processor- other factors were Ryzen scores

  • It is a dream processor for gamers and artists alike.
  • It is a powerful processor that is helpful in gaming, crunching data, or designing.
  • If you consider fx 8350 vs ryzen for gaming, ryzen will emerge leader because of the following features. It includes 3D advantage, video rendering, and software compiling. All this is done in quick time as well.
  • Again when it comes to AMD fx 8350 Vs ryzen, the Ryzen processor pairs up well with the graphics card. It will deliver the best gaming performance. However, the processor as such delivers the fastest gaming performance.
  • The Boost overdrive and resizable bar are other features that establish the superiority of ryzen. it is when you consider ryzen vs fx8350

The AMD 8350 vs ryzen

Based on the features, you would have understood that Ryzen is superior to AMD Fx 8350. However, let us consider how Ryzen 5 3699 and others are better than AMD FX-8350.

  • RAM Speed

    – The RAM speed will increase the processing speed. Speed here refers to the speed at which the memory transfers information. That is, to the components of the computer. It will be efficient as well. Therefore, in the amd 8350 vs ryzen, ryzen scores better owing to higher RAM speed. This is especially useful for graphics card processing.

  • CPU threads

    – Thread refers to the virtual division of physical cores. That is, the CPU is divided into multiple cores. What does this mean? Thread refers to the number of codes that the processor will execute. Therefore, a CPU with many threads will handle several tasks simultaneously; in this light ryzen processor with 12 threads in place of 8 scores better in the AMD 8350 vs ryzen processor choice.

  • Semiconductor-

    Semiconductors are important components in the processor. The computer chips for memory and CPU are composed of semiconductor materials. Also, the semiconductors will help minimize the size of the electronic components. This means that they will take up less space and energy. The semiconductor in the ryzen processor is 25nm less in size. This is when you compare an fx 8350 vs ryzen processor.

  • Memory bandwidth

    – This refers to the transfer of per unit time from and to the memory. It is estimated by multiplying the memory frequency by several bytes width followed by several channels supported for the processor. Ryzen features 26.68 GB/s more memory bandwidth and tops the AMD 8350 vs ryzen.

The ryzen processors

 The ryzen processors are the latest in the market. All these processors are loaded with features that are a class apart. This makes it the most sought-after processor for your PC, and this also helps them score higher in terms of preference and performance. This reflects when you compare AMD fx 8350 vs ryzen 5. However, a comparison of amdfx 8350 vs ryzen 7 2700x is no different.

 Other important features for comparison of AMD 8350 vs ryzen

The other important features that you should not ignore in AMD fx 8350 vs ryzen comparison include the Cache, PCI express, TDP, etc. 

  • A bigger cache will enhance system-wide performance. 
  • Likewise, the newer and better PCI express will connect the graphics card and SSD to the motherboard quickly. This means better performance. 
  • Additionally, they will support a greater bandwidth.
  •  As far as TDP or thermal design power. It is better to have a lower score. A ryzen processor has a poor score. This reflects in the amdfx-8350 vs ryzen comparison. 


It is better to choose the right processor straightaway, and this will ensure that you do not have to think of upgrading your PC in a short time. Also, take care to estimate the purposes and requirements for going in for a particular processor. You can always take the help of the experts. But, it does pay to be informed, which will help you learn about the wide range of possibilities on offer.

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