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Advanced technology sims 3: Wonderful Games


The advanced technology sims 3 is a skill in a life simulation video game, The Sims 3: Into the Future. The capability of Sim’s to admirably use future tech items will surge as they go on developing their skills. Similarly, Sims can practice a variety of technology skills to learn and improve their progressive technical skills. Additionally, sims can use the stellar observatory to practice space drills.

First, your Sims will maintain a stable mood. Similarly, it will express admiration for all future technologies around them. Skill advancements can improve one’s technology skill in using sims 3 advanced technology skill items. Similarly, it also provides more excellent options and recipes in the food synthesizer. Your Sim will no longer feel clumsy about these items and learn how to use them. However, at the same time, it will be less enthusiastic about future items.

Advanced technology sims 3: Knowledge and considering

You have to pay a sum of $500 to Oasis Landing Future World Observatory. However, when you click on your Sim, you will get two special skills. Other than the courses which set skill levels in sims 3 the special skills are very much different. Sim’s collaboration on the moon landing must show the flag, which is exciting for Sim. ON the other hand, Moon Bounce, allows Sims to use their flip and flip experience in a state of flimsiness. Similarly, no matter where you are, you can quickly have fun in mid-air by flip and twist. Since it takes a long time to master this skill, this is the best starting point in advanced technology skill sims 3.

Special Diverse skills: advanced technology sims 3

Learning of advanced technology sims 3 can be faster in Oasis Landing in respect of any other landings. This is to access the future and will increase the sims’ capabilities. The following is a list of effective advanced technology skill sims 3:

Jetpack Flying 

  • Never practice jetpack flying to progress the sims skills and if practice it will end in regret.
  • One can practice jetpacks in further ways, however, using any of them to learn liberal technical aids encompasses Sims to die.
  • However, even at the first level of control, the probability of death is too high and you will feel safe.

Dream Pod

  • If your Sim completes the Dream Pod Dream, they will get the skill.
  • Wind carver
  • Likewise, the floating skateboard in sims 2 the wind carver is very much similar.
  • Similarly, as an alternative to walking wind carver technology skill is virtuous.
  • Eventhough, one will gain assistance on progressing but it’s not a superlative way to move levels forward.

Food Synthesizer

  • Food Synthesizer should give sims some experience.
  • However, one can make more different and higher-quality foods by updating and programming synthesizer recipes.

Sonic shower

  • Usage of sonic showers is for cleaning or bathing.
  • One can provide a skill experience and clean atmosphere to sims via a sonic shower.
  • At level 9, one can upgrade sims to make them better and stronger.

sims 3 holo disc

  • The best option to quickly improve sims 3 holo disc skills is interacting with it.
  • Similarly, one will gain a full skill experience after putting different commands in a row and thereby remove the holo disc or talk to it.

The Observatory

  • After class, use the experimental zero-gravity option in the Observatory to gain experience.
  • This special skill of the observatory will make your Sims interesting.

Advanced technology sims 3 skills: Challenges facing by sims

Various challenges and encounters to skills of advanced technology sims 3 are the following: –

Digital Dreamer Practice

  • There are a total of 50 different dream pod dreams to experience.
  • Sims can very well become a digital dreamer.
  • He always starts his dream pod dream with a good sleep mode and helps you make the best boosts of your dreams.
  • Taking into account the flexibility of Dream Pod and it has great possibilities available for our use. 

Sims 3 Food synthesizers

  • There are recipes in 20 exceptional food synthesizers to program the food synthesizer to surge the food value to level 4.
  • In fact, one can program 5 unique recipes, and you can unlock these recipes in 4 independent food synthesizers.
  • That means which one can use 20 unique synthesizers.
  • Sims will receive 20 recipes in total.
  • If one raises himself to level 4, the food synthesizer can offer seamless food every single time. 

Capture them all

    • Ask other Sims to give you a sprite shape to collect all 10 sprites on the holographic disk.
    • Similarly, one will get a special sprite number 11.
    • In addition, get closer to get the 11th sprite by talking to other sims.
    • However, they usually share the shape of the elves with them. 
  • Some sims will not even share the sprites even in the future world.

Level 10: Reset Continuous Time

  • In Future Technology 10, Sims will use the Reset Continuous Time interaction for time travel.
  • This can untie all fluctuations made to the forthcoming world and rearrange them to the normal state.

Advanced technology sims 3: Lucky Lottery winning

  • As sim’ progressive technical skills improve, they’re going to receive a number for winning the lottery. 
  • As a matter of fact, obtain lottery records at the future city hall, and then go to the supermarket in the past to buy tickets.
  • However, if one wins the lottery in advanced technology sims 3:
  • First, sims will get 5% of the lottery prize at level 1.
  • Second, 25% at level 4.
  • Third, 50% at level 7
  • Fourth, 100% at level 9

Summing Up

It will be very wonderful working in future in advanced technology sims 3. Sims gave ideas to incorporate human models into the game. The sims 3 advanced technology skill may seem daunting at first glance. However, as you visit the future, advanced technology sims 3 will develop rapidly. One will know how to use pioneering tech like an expert only through proper rehearsal and persistence. 

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