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15+ Android Useful Application for an mobile


I am going to tell you about the 15+ Android Useful Application of mobile which should be in a SmartPhone so that your work will become easier, these 15 applications are from every category.

New users buy mobiles, but due to lack of correct information, they keep some useless apps and those who are harmful to them, they are also because of mobile hacks, so I have told you about Top 15 Useful Apps.

So let’s start. This Android Application will be an especially helpful app for bloggers because through these apps you can also arrange blogging work.

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Top Useful Android App For All Phone

#1: Smart Kit

#2: All In One Toolbox

#3: Es File Explore Pro

#4: Chrome Browser

#5: Picsart

#6: Open Camera

#7: Betterner VPN

#8: Greenify

#9: YouTube Go

#10: Hermit

#11: AC3 Player

#12: All In One File Viewer

#13: Net Velocity

#14: Launcher

#15: Google Indic Keyboard

#16: TrueBalance

#17: UPI Payment App

Top Useful Android App For All Phone

#1: Smart Kit: 15+ Android Useful Application

This app gets many features of your phone. Sometimes we need another app for the flashlight app and we keep other flashlight app installed on the mobile due to which the phone also becomes slow. We need to go to another app to set an alarm.

The smart kit is such an application of android mobile in which we get many features.

#2: All In One Toolbox

Whenever we download any app from the google play store and for some reason that app gets uninstalled or we do it ourselves. So in this situation, you can get back the installed app of play store again.

It backs up all your apps and you can reinstall them whenever you need that app. Also clears your phone’s ram in All In One Toolbox. This app boosts your phone by clearing the cache of your phone.

#3: Es File Explore Pro : 15+ Android Useful Application

You probably know this app. This app extracts Zip/Rar and other formats. When we copy/paste a file, it takes a lot of time, so in this situation, Es File Manager can be of use to you.

In this, different files can be move copy-paste at once. If you want to rename any video/songs and another file then it will rename thousands of files at once.

If you want to make any files Zip/Rar/Ghz/7Zip, then use this application. Apart from this, this app can recover the deleted file again.

#4: Chrome Browser

The Chrome browser has been developed by Google Company itself. This is a fully secretly app. There are many such features in Chrome that can be very useful for you, such as scanning QR codes, syncing data. Along with this, it is also fast and secure.

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#5: Picsart : 15+ Android Useful Application

If you are fond of photo editing then this app is very useful for you. There is no other photo editor app like this on the android platform. PicsArt has many tools that will make your photos awesome.

Beautiful awesome photos can be created in PicsArt. But to create good images you need skill.

PicsArt Photo Editor is also no less than any Photoshop(Computer). In this to a photo like Adobe Photoshop can be created.

#6: Open Camera

This is a camera app. Its special feature is that the open camera is many times more than the camera already given on your phone. It has the facility to record high-quality photos and videos.

Best Camera Phones

The most important thing about this application that makes it different from other apps is that in this you can make a video from the right angle because from how many angles the mobile is in it, you can also see it, which makes it easy to set up the mobile.

#7: Bettner VPN: 15+ Android Useful Application

Friends, this is a VPN (Virtual Private Network) App. You can use this when you have to go to a blocked website.

You must have ever noticed that you open a webpage and it does not open because that webpage is blocked from your country, so you can enter any website using this VPN.

There is an option to choose the location, which you can use to open the blocked website and app.

Apart from this, it also hides the ip address and other details of the phone, so that no one knows from which country you are. VPN is also used to go to the Adult and Hacking website.

#8: Greenify

This is a battery saver app. In this, the battery of your phone can be saved more than before. This app is present in less size and its feature is also good.

#9: YouTube Go: 15+ Android Useful Application

This app is designed to watch youtube videos with a slow internet connection. Sometimes we watch youtube videos and our phone’s net connection is 2G or slow, then the video plays intermittently, so use YouTube Go.

This slow net also has the feature of watching youtube videos. In this, high-quality video can be seen in fewer data. YouTube Go also has the facility to download videos offline.

#10: Hermit

Hermit app is a very important application for all android users. When the mobile user installs more apps on the phone, then his mobile hangs, then in this situation, he can use the hermit.

This makes all the software of your mobile a lite version, which also reduces the size of the apps and keeps your phone from hanging. By using hermit, you can install and keep many apps in your mobile.

#11: AC3 Player : 15+ Android Useful Application

This is video player software. If you have ever tried to play AC3 Audio Format in MX Player and Other Video Player, then the sound of that video does not come, which means ac3 format does not support it. Therefore AC3 Player will be useful for you.

#12: All In One File Viewer

If you use an android phone, then you must have kept different files in it. For example, if you have a pdf file, doc file, XML, zip, rar GHz Docx file, and many more files on your phone, then you have to use different software to open it. But this application gives the option to open all your formats.

About 100 formats can be opened in this application. Apart from this, Move / Copy / Paste is also very fast in this.

#13: Net Velocity: 15+ Android Useful Application

You download many types of apps to check internet speed, but many of them have fake speed shows on the application, so you can use Net Velocity.

This is a great app to check net speed. It has the right speed show. Apart from this, Ookla also gives correct information.

This application is specially made for Jio but the internet speed of another sim provider can also be checked in this. It gives you the correct information according to your location. So if you want to see net speed then definitely use this software.

#14: Launcher

If you want to give new look to your mobile then use the launcher. Launcher is such a way to lookup the mobile, that even the old phone looks new in it.

Now you must be wondering which launcher to use, my answer is Go Launcher, 360 Launcher, Apus Launcher are launchers with many good features. One more thing, when you use the launcher on your phone, then definitely set a good theme.

#15: Google Indic Keyboard

You must also keep this application on your phone so that when you need to type Hindi, you can easily type Hindi.

In today’s era Hindi has become a popular language and it is also the national language of India. Hindi Typing is increasing continuously. Whether you use social media or are a blogger, Hindi is typed in every field.

We all do English typing very fast but Hindi typing is difficult and it is very slow type. That’s why you can do English to Hindi Typing using this app.

Whatever English/Hinglish type in this app will be done in Hindi.

#16: TrueBalance

If you use mobile, then you will have to do mobile recharge and how much balance or how much data is left in it, TrueBalance will make your work very easy and along with this you can also do direct recharge from it.

The biggest advantage of this is that you can earn money from TrueBalance and the entire cost of your mobile can be easily removed.

#17: UPI Payment App

Talking about mobile applications and not talking about any UPI app, how can it be, information about what is UPI has already been shared on HMH, with the help of which money can be easily sent from one bank to another bank account. can.

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